Offer In Compromise

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This is the procedure you've heard about when the government takes a small fraction (sometimes as little as 10 cents on the dollar) of what you owe them.

By the way, the State of California is supposed to have an Offer In Compromise program in place. But in the last 37 years, we've heard of only one person ever getting an Offer In Compromise from the Franchise Tax Board.

The process to get the I.R.S. to accept your Offer In Compromise is long, usually taking between nine months to a year to complete. It's also expensive. We charge $3,500, but we've heard of cases where people have been charged $4,500 or more. The sad thing is that it seems that the more money people pay, the poorer is their chance of having their Offer In Compromise accepted.

The most important reason why more of our Offer In Compromises are accepted than other firms, is simply that we don't take cases with a poor chance of being accepted. Bob Dudley is a Former IRS Agent and with his stellar experience we are able to let you know in advance if it's worth your time to try for an Offer In Compromise. We don't take anyone's money unless we believe that the IRS will seriously consider the Offer In Compromise.

Now for the good news. sometimes the I.R.S. will take an Offer for even payroll taxes. Of course you can make an Offer In Compromise on your individual and business taxes. Your Offer In Compromise includes all penalties and interest that the I.R.S has added to your bill. A Corporation qualifies as well as individuals.

You can do an Offer in Compromise either before or after a bankruptcy. And taxes can be compromised regardless of how old they are.