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Our Tax Preparation Fees

The following fee quotations are estimates. Over ninety percent of our clients' fees are at these minimums. Your actual fee will depend on your level of organization and the level of difficulty of your return. Continuing clients receive an organizer to help them quickly and completely prepare for their tax interview.
Short (Form Includes Electronic Filing) $125
Long Form (Includes Electronic Filing) $315
Corporations $625
Partnerships & LLC's $625
Trusts $475
Business Schedule (self employed) $150
Dividends & Interest (per item) $5
Employee Business Expenses $75
Moving Expenses $45
Out of State Returns $85
Partnership K-1 (per partnership) $25
Rentals (per property) $75
Sale of Rental $125
Sale of Business $125
Stock Sales (per transaction) $20
Contact us for quotations on schedules not listed above. 949-348-1111

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